Is geothermal power good?

I believe that geothermal on small scale is beneficial for society, saving money and natural resources seems beneficial to me.  And, I think we should do this more and more on houses in the future. 

The problems I see with geothermal is on large scale versions where they create electricity because of the trouble from gases and ground stability.  In some plants they have had increases in earthquakes, as many as 10,000 and up to 3.4 in magnitude, within the first 6 days of use. 

The hydraulic fracturing is believed to have caused these issues, and when you have large amounts of water and gases being pull out of the ground and then dumped back in the ground, this would have to disrupt the lands natural stability. 

These problems have occurred with the new Enhanced Geothermal Systems which involves hydraulic fracturing or Fracking as they have termed the process, and this is also the process use to extract natural gas that was previously unreachable.

People are for and against this process, the ones for Fracking say this helps us reach hydrocarbons or gas and oil that was unreachable before, and the ones against the Fracking process say the possibility of contamination of ground water, risks of air quality, the movement of gases and hydraulic fracking chemicals to the surface, contamination from spillage and the health effects associated with theses issues. 

There have been reports of water becoming flammable from methane contamination, but I don’t know if these stories actually have occurred or if these are part of urban myths. 

The potential of methane gas contamination, and all of the other contamination is a REAL possibility with substandard drilling and maintenance. 

These reasons have made many people around the world keep a close eye on hydraulic fracking, even having some countries suspending production and in some cases even banning this process entirely.

For now I am still up in the air on whether this is a viable process and if the possibilities out weigh the advantages to being able to access these resources. 

Those resources can help free our country from being so dependent on foreign oil and gas, but is it worth the risks?

More information about what are the Enhanced Geothermal Systems is in this pdf.

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