Garden Share takes root in Peeblesshire

EDUNDANT gardens are soon to be a thing of the past in Peeblesshire.

Plans to create a Garden Sharing scheme are taking root and organisers will soon be appealing for gardeners and garden-owners to get involved.

Peeblesshire Garden Share, although in its infancy, is already being backed by sustainability group Tweedgreen as well as national garden sharing initiative Lend and Tend.
Christa Hook from the Peeblesshire Garden Share scheme said: "Do you love the taste of new potatoes straight from the ground? Or a salad with crisp fresh lettuce and newly harvested herbs?

"Maybe you have a garden that used to grow these delights, but you can’t manage it at the moment.

"Or maybe you live in a flat or have a tiny garden, and no space to grow the vegetables you would love to eat.

"Our new scheme in Peeblesshire is hoping to meet these needs through Garden Sharing.

"If you have unused growing space you could be introduced to an eager gardener who could bring your patch into productivity.

"You set your ground rules, times, preferences and agree how to share the resulting produce."

With waiting lists lengthy for local allotments, it is hoped Garden Share will give frustrated green-fingered locals the opportunity to get their hands dirty.

And it will also allow people who are struggling to tend to their land the opportunity to have their beds and borders tended.

Christa added: "You could get started by tending someone’s unused garden space, and begin to enjoy the fruits of your labour, sharing the produce with the owner."

Organisers of Garden Share are currently having leaflets and posters printed ahead of launching the scheme this spring.

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